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Sixty Seconds Cover 14 smallIn “Sixty Seconds to an UNFORGETTABLE Elevator Speech” we help you build your elevator speech in three stages. First, we work to understand the basics of your business through the eyes of your audience and develop your talking points. Next, we go back through those talking points to make your elevator speech UNFORGETTABLE. Finally, we review ways to perfect your delivery, because if your audience can’t hear or understand you, even the best pitch is wasted.

Once you can explain your business concept in 30-60 seconds, guess what? You have all the elements for a radio or TV ad, a business brochure, an ad in the paper, a website home page – even a business card or billboard. Our approach even works for job seekers or political candidates running for office!

This book will help you develop an UNFORGETTABLE elevator speech from start to finish, by helping you create your basic talking points, distilling them down to the essentials, and turning them into a polished speech you can deliver in 15, 30, 60 seconds or more, depending on the time you have.

We’ll show you the secret of memorable pitches – adding the emotional content to connect with your audience – and then go over tricks to perfect your presentation. Once your elevator speech is perfected, you can use what you’ve developed in other situations – ads on TV or radio or in print, brochures and web pages, billboards, business cards and even trade shows.

Once you’ve crafted an elevator speech you’re comfortable with, you’ll have the confidence to introduce yourself to important people in any situation, and do so in a way that’s so creative and UNFORGETTABLE they’re sure to give you a call!

This book will not only help you with your networking, but will give you insights into your business model and marketing plans that will serve you well for the future.

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He will explain the Steps to an UNFORGETTABLE Elevator Speech

  1. Build Your Elevator Speech…
  2. Focus on your audience’s needs.
  3. Define your talking points.
    • Explain why your product is important.
    • Show how you’re different.
    • Share interesting facts and statistics.
    • Make a call to action.
    • Develop a strong closing.
  4. Make your speech UNFORGETTABLE.
    • Make an emotional connection.
    • Identify your core emotion.
    • Tell a story.
  5. Perfect your delivery.
    • Three ways to overcome shyness.
    • How to practice your speech.
  6. Use your speech in other settings.
    • Radio and TV ads.
    • Newspaper and magazine ads.
    • Brochures and web pages.
    • Billboards and business cards.
    • Trade shows.


Sixty Seconds Cover 14 small

Sixty Seconds to an
Unforgettable Elevator Speech!

by Don Rosenberg

($3 S&H)

ns that will serve you well for the future.