Allan Lourie –  Don delivered an important message that made attendees think about the first impression they make with potential customers, employers or partners. He then showed how to make the most of that limited time and how to ensure you make the impression you want.

Harry Sparks –  Very good. This is something that always needs practice and the chance to practice and get constructive comments was excellent.

Jerry Moses –  I thought the “openness” of the presentation was extremely effective. It allowed for quite a bit of audience participation and feedback. This led to some real tangible things that can be applied in “real life”.

Mike Grabowski –  Very useful to me. The session was well planned and the speaker speaker had a great deal of expertise on the subject matter.

Dick Silverman –  Don pointed out some very important aspects of a good elevator speech. The big take-away for me was to know your audience and have a goal in mind before you begin your speech.