You’re on the Elevator. It’s the 30th floor…

The door opens and in walks the CEO you’ve been trying to reach for the last 3 months. What you say in the next 30 seconds could change your life!

Business networking has become a more and more popular way to gain clients and contacts, but often you have only 30-60 seconds to explain who you are, what you do, and why members of your audience should talk to you further. It seems like an impossible task to distill all that information into a minute or less. Even worse, the attention span of the average audience is just 7 seconds; after that, their mind starts wandering. You need to grab their attention from the very start or lose them completely.

Ask yourself, how much is your time worth per hour? $50? $100? If you spend 90 minutes at a meeting and deliver a 60 second speech that no one remembers, you’ve just wasted $75 to $150 of your time. Now ask, how much is each sale worth to you? $500? $2000? If you stand up and deliver an UNFORGETTABLE talk you may land a client or two, that day, worth from $500 to $4,000! Best of all, a whole room of people will remember who you are and how they can help your business in the future.

When you meet potential buyers or clients in the elevator, networking meeting or airport, being able to deliver an UNFORGETTABLE elevator speech is essential. If you can’t, you’re missing out on hundreds of opportunities, every week!

We can help you three ways.

The book, “Sixty Seconds to an UNFORGETTABLE Elevator Speech” takes you step by step through the process of determining your talking points, perfecting your delivery and making your pitch UNFORGETTABLE.

If you have an Elevator Speech you’ve already written and you want a line by line critique with comments and suggestions we’ve done hundreds with great results.

Finally, you can attend a workshop in your area, or set up one for your company, organization or networking group!

Either way, our goal is to help business people just like you deliver memorable, effective Elevator Speeches to jump start your sales.